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Blueberry blackberry pie

I started out with low expectations– not because I didn’t believe that this recipe was amazing, but because I had never made a pie at home before.

Shocking, I know.

I had churned out pies in baking school with the help of specialized and (slightly scary) expensive equipment, but I had never set out to make one by myself. Despite my skepticism, however, this pie admittedly turned out pretty awesome.  My boyfriend, the berry lover, was awestruck and claimed it was the best pie he’d ever had.  If that isn’t a good enough argument to make this pie immediately, then I don’t know what is.

The original recipe is just a blueberry pie, but I decided to change it into a blackberry pie.  Then the filling looked a little sparse, so I added some blueberries to the mix.  You could substitute any kind of berry in this filling, but you would have to tweak the amount of berries a little bit depending on what kind you use.  Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend changing this recipe at all!  If you’re “weirded out” by the lemon juice in the recipe and want to leave it out…Don’t.  It’s an absolutely essential little addition that takes this recipe from “good pie” to “I’m on my second slice.”

I got this recipe from (who saw it on


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  1. This looks absolutely delicious. I agree that pies can be — if you don’t mind — a bit flaky. I’m interested to see how one prevents the blackberry juice from not taking on volcanic lava like proportions… or, like lava, flowing out of the pie and on to anything in its path…!

  2. Katie — delicious looking indeed. And your words are inspiring as well as the photo.


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